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Silver: 25.48
Platinum: 936.62

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Buy and Sell Bullion, Estate Jewelry, Diamonds, Coins, Watches & Scrap Gold or Silver

Atlantic Metals Xchange, Our team has over 20 years of experience buying diamonds and precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. This duration of success comes by providing an HONEST assessment of your valuables. We are Charlotte’s #1 Broker of Gold & Silver Bullion.

We buy estate jewelry at our store in Charlotte, NC - Sell your vintage jewelry pieces to us

Sell Estate Jewelry

Atlantic Metals Xchange is Charlotte NC’s top buyer of estate Jewelry. From Signed designer pieces from designers like Tiffany & Van Cleef to rare gems we buy it all.

Sell your diamonds to us - We purchase diamonds at our reputable Charlotte, NC store

Sell Diamonds

Sell diamonds in Charlotte to GIA certified diamond experts here at Atlantic Metals Xchange. We buy diamonds of all shapes and sizes. When you need to sell an engagement ring in charlotte come see us.

We buy silver jewelry and silverware - Sell your silver items at our Charlotte, NC store

Sell Silver

Charlotte, NC’s premier destination for selling silver. From sterling flatware and dinnerware to silver jewelry pieces and collectibles, we buy a wide range of silver items. Our knowledgeable team in Charlotte offers a transparent, rewarding, and hassle-free process, ensuring that you receive the best possible price for your silver possessions.

We buy gold - Sell your gold jewelry and coins at our trusted store in Charlotte, NC

Sell Gold

Atlantic Metals Xchange is the go-to buyer of gold in Charlotte, NC. We purchase all forms of gold & Jewelry, from jewelry to dental gold. Rely on our expert team to offer a fair, transparent, and rewarding transaction, ensuring maximum value for your gold.

Sell your gold and silver coins & bullion bars to us - We offer competitive prices at our Charlotte, NC store

Sell Bullion

We buy Gold & Silver bullion locally here in Charlotte, NC. Paying you instantly some of the highest premiums in the industry when you sell us gold or silver bullion. Including gold or silver bars, rounds, coins and more.

Looking to sell your watch? We buy luxury watches at our store in Charlotte, NC

Sell Watches

Atlantic Metals Xchange is Charlotte, NC’s leading buyer of luxury watches. From coveted timepieces crafted by prestigious brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe to rare and unique collector’s items, we buy them all.

Buy Gold or Silver Coins & Bars in Charlotte, NC

Atlantic Metals Xchange is Charlotte’s largest seller of Gold & Silver Bullion.

No order is to big or too small, Don’t shop online and wait you can shop locally today!

With millions of dollars in inventory we are ready to fill your orders today.

Awesome Customer Reviews

Based on 187 reviews
Princess Murchison
Princess Murchison
Great customer service go check him out
Jack Hankins
Jack Hankins
We discovered around $50 in face value of silver US coins recently. We checked to see if any had collector value and none really did so we decided to sell them to a silver dealer. We called several places and were offered 12-15 times face value. When we called Atlantic Metals, they quoted 18.5 times face value so we decided to go there, thinking they would probably give us some reason the value would be lower. That was not the case. They were courteous, professional, and true to their word and they trusted the face value without counting all the dimes, quarters, and half dollars individually! We strongly recommend them. As an aside, a friend went to a place that was recommended to them and got 12 times face value and were told nobody paid more than that!
Stephen Sheaffer
Stephen Sheaffer
Today 5/30/23, I sold 100 oz’s of silver from Sunshine mint to Mat. He paid me $2.00 over the spot price. That was for over $4,400. Thanks Matt .
Amit S
Amit S
Matt is very professional, patient, and an absolute pleasure to work with. He explains everything carefully and offers good advice.
Marlene Williams
Marlene Williams
Great experience selling some old jewelry and sovereigns. Very happy with the price I was given for them.
Daniel Stoianov
Daniel Stoianov
I bought silver last December . Friendly guys inside. Good service , decent prices
Spencer Y
Spencer Y
easy peasy. i had no idea what i was doing but i had some gold coins left by my mother. called several places and felt most comfortable with AMX. went there and quickly realized i made the right choice. matt is super knowledgeable and explained everything about the coins and why they offer more than others. customer service was the best bar none. i left more than satisfied and will be back. thanks
Katie Ford
Katie Ford
Matt is honest and knowledgeable. He was recommended to us through a close family friend, and we were instantly impressed and couldn’t be happier. We look forward to continuing to do business here, and implore others to do the same!
Brandon Bowman
Brandon Bowman
Best place in Charlotte by far to buy what you are looking for!
Robert H
Robert H
First time customer looking to buy a few pieces. Matt was very nice,professional and very knowledgeable of my needs he even explained to my wife the reasoning for my purchase and he seemed to enjoy teaching me a few things without making me feel small and ignorant. Thank you again for excellent customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions about the Gold & Silver buying and selling process?

Well, we’ve got answers.

Why should I sell my gold and silver to Atlantic Metals Xchange?

At Atlantic Metals Xchange in Charlotte, NC, our primary focus is on exceptional customer service and complete transparency during the gold and silver buying process. Initially, you might observe that we offer higher than spot prices for specific gold and silver products, including estate jewelry. Furthermore, our unique approach of offering fair and honest quotes is what sets us apart from other buyers. For instance, unlike “We Buy Gold & Silver” brokers, pawnshops, jewelry stores, or other competitors, we have an edge due to our fairness and transparency. Therefore, when you make the wise decision to choose Atlantic Metals Xchange, you can expect top-tier service and unmatched value for your precious metals.

Choosing Atlantic Metals Xchange for selling your gold and silver comes with several advantages:

1. Competitive Pricing: We evaluate your gold and silver items and offer you the highest possible prices, based on current market values. This ensures you get the best value for your precious metals.

2. Total Transparency: Our process is open and honest. We have scales visible on both sides of the transaction table, allowing you to confirm weights as we assess the worth of your items.

3. Professional and Experienced Staff: Our experts have extensive industry knowledge, specializing in precious metals. They will guide you through the process, educating you on the value of your items and offering fair evaluations.

4. Immediate Payment: We understand the importance of immediate payment. After the valuation and agreement, we ensure you are paid promptly, minimizing any waiting period.

5. Convenient Location and Business Hours: Located in Charlotte, NC, we cater to both North and South Carolina. Our business hours are from 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday, designed to suit your convenience.

6. No Hassle, Total Confidentiality: Our transaction process is smooth, efficient, and respects your privacy.

At Atlantic Metals Xchange, we believe in building trust with our customers. Selling your gold and silver to us ensures a professional, beneficial, and satisfactory experience.

Is Atlantic Metals Xchange a pawn shop?

No, absolutely not. Our location in Charlotte, NC, is friendly, clean, safe, and designed to cater to our clients across North and South Carolina. We maintain the highest standards of respect and integrity.

Can I buy and sell gold and silver bullion at Atlantic Metals Xchange?

Absolutely! At Atlantic Metals Xchange, we deal with a wide range of bullion products, including gold and silver coins, bars, and rounds. Whether you’re looking to sell your bullion or buy for your collection, we offer competitive rates based on the latest market values.

Is it safe to bring valuable items or large amounts of cash to Atlantic Metals Xchange locations?

Absolutely, your safety is our top priority, at Atlantic Metals Xchange, we have stringent security measures in place, including the presence of off-duty Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers at our locations during all business hours. Additionally, we adhere to multiple security protocols, this includes our staff fully armed to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers. You can confidently bring your valuable items or cash to our premises, knowing that we take security very seriously.

How long does the process take to sell gold or silver to Atlantic Metals Xchange?

Although the evaluation process is thorough, it’s simpler than you might imagine. Our staff, with over 20 years of experience in the jewelry industry specializing in gold, silver, diamonds, coins, bullion, watches, high-end designer jewelry, and other precious metals, can complete the process swiftly. You could be in and out in under 20 minutes, and in many cases, the process can take as little as 10 minutes.

When can I visit Atlantic Metals Xchange?

You’re welcome to visit us anytime. We operate from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Because we rely on live market data we are not open on the weekends because the markets are closed.

How can I tell if my jewelry is genuine gold or silver?

Most precious metals are stamped for purity, such as 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, Sterling, 925, and so on; However, in some cases, you might not see any stamps or markings. If you’re uncertain about the authenticity of your gold or silver, simply bring it in, and we can evaluate everything for you on the spot.

What type of items does Atlantic Metals Xchange buy and sell?

Atlantic Metals Xchange specializes in buying and selling a diverse range of valuable items. This includes both buying and selling gold and silver bullion. And buying in scrap gold & silver, Estate jewelry, jewelry, bullion, and coins. We also deal with premium watches and diamond jewelry, offering the best rates in the Carolinas.

What kinds of watches does Atlantic Metals Xchange buy?

We purchase a variety of premium watches, ranging from contemporary models to vintage timepieces. Brands we commonly deal with include Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Tag Heuer, and many others. If you have a watch you’re considering selling, we’d be happy to evaluate it for you.

Do I need to book an appointment to sell my items at Atlantic Metals Xchange?

We welcome walk-ins! Open 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday. If you do have a large estate of jewelry or a bullion deal over 20k in value we recommend calling ahead to avoid waiting. This ensures that our team can dedicate time to accurately assess your items and offer you the best value. Give us a call if you are unsure and we can guide you as best as possible.

Sell Jewelry In Charlotte, NC to The Carolinas Top buyer of Jewelry

At Atlantic Metals Xchange, we buy jewelry with integrity and offer top dollar for your gold and diamond jewelry treasures. Selling jewelry is a breeze with us; let our friendly experts in Charlotte, NC, turn your gold Jewelry into cash!.

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